Making Education Fun


Q. How do you make a child ask to do more homework? A. Give them a fun, yet educational game!

Education city was founded in 1999 with an aim to make learning more engaging and exciting for children and to help parents get more involved with their child’s education.

Using the website, teachers or parents can purchase a subscription to Education City which includes games, tests and other tools. They cover maths, literacy, science and French, German and Spanish languages over the 3 Key Stages and pre-school. The games are age-specific and designed to follow the National Curriculum.

Education City is currently used in over 12,000 schools and is updated on a weekly basis. In 2007, Education City conducted a study in Bradford to prove that their programmes could improve pupils KS2 SAT results by 2 sub-levels. The results showed that pupils had improved an average of 2.16 sub-levels, with the highest

pupil improvement being a whopping 9 sub-levels!

What Education City has innovated shows that by using technology as an accessory in education and by making learning fun and relatable, children will become more eager to learn and teachers and parents can be more involved in the learning experience.

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