One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop Per Child BG colorThe One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project was devised in 2002 by an MIT professor, Nicholas Negroponte and calls itself “An education project, not a technology project”. (

The OLPC’s mission is to provide cheap yet durable laptops to children in developing countries around the globe to help them connect to the outside world, to each other and access an unlimited amount of information and thus further their education in ways previously not possible.

They created the XO laptop which is fully recyclable, contains no toxic materials, is relatively cheap and requires little power. It became known as the ‘$100 laptop’. So far, the OLPC has provided over 2 million laptops to countries such as Uruguay, Sierra Leone, Peru, Columbia and more

Although not a developing country and not part of OLPC’s original mission, the project has now reached to needy students in Alabama, USA. The reason behind this was three-fold; the creators of the project are American and recognized that there were underprivileged students in their own country, to help the OLPC project grow into a larger community and to enable American students to communicate with their peers in less-developed countries. For further information on OLPC, check out Prof.Nicholas Negroponte’s Ted talk