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For most adults, (except maybe if you are an engineer or accountant), the use of math is limited in our everyday lives.   You may add up the milk money or how much your better half spends on shoes.  Most of the times we don’t even do the math in our heads; our cell phone calculator apps are conveniently nearby.

Therefore, when it comes to teaching your children or providing them help with their math homework, the everyday math that you use is not enough.   When your kids reach a certain level, it all is Greek to you anyway.   What to do?

The easiest method is hiring professional help. However, what if you are living in a country which is not your own?  Math tutors can be hard to come by.

Another problem

It might also be that you will not be living in the foreign country forever.  Your children’s math should, therefore, be up to standard for easy reintegration into your home country’s school system.

Online tutoring?

Affordable online math tutoring may be the solution for you but there is absolutely no way to ascertain if your child is moving in the right direction.   How do you know that your child will be ok at home, in the UK, among his peers?    Looking even further along the line:   to receive a British university education, children would need the same results in their GCSE’s than their mates.

The Solution

Whizz education provides the solution for expat families.  For about £15 a month,  this program tracks student performance in the software by using the information about how many questions the child get right.   The software then tailors the courses that the child should follow.

Different areas in math are assessed for each child and coursework might differ in these different areas.   If the child is found to lack certain skills, the coursework is set to correct this.   In other areas, the child may perform better than his peers and will be given more advanced work.

Interestingly, if the student struggles to understand something, the software will pick up on this.   After a while, it will explain the problem in a different way – just like a first-class teacher.

The UK program covers all the material up to Year Eight, which is 13 to 14 years old and the child should spend one hour a week on the coursework.

The benefits

  • Your child will be on par with his peers in the UK.
  • You can be anywhere in the world and still have peace of mind. Best of all, the online math tutoring is relatively cheap!
  • The curriculum is personalized. This is not offered by all online math tutor programs.
  • The child can work at home, at his own pace, and at his own convenience. No running after tutors at odd hours!
  • You get to enjoy the progress of your child just as you never left the UK.


Expat families can now have peace of mind about their children’s progress in foreign countries.   Most probably, your child will be receiving math education just there where you are – that is a given.

But are they on course and on track?  That is difficult to gauge from afar.  Luckily not anymore, thanks to Whizz Education.


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