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Tipped for top spot this Christmas Technology toys with BG Color

This Christmas, the toys tipped for the top spot reflect heavily the technological advances that parents have been enjoying for the past year or so, demonstrating the role that technology plays in the lives of youngsters the world over.

The Toy Retailers Association’s annual dream toys list this year features a number of gadgets and gizmos designed to stimulate and engage our kids in more ways than ever before. High on the list of Christmas ‘must haves’ are two tablet computers designed by educational gurus Vtech and Leapfrog, as well as a dance mat that can be connected to an MP3 player.

Chairman of the Dream Toys selection panel, Gary Grant, commented that there are an increasing number of toys hitting the market that have additional levels of engagement built in, whether that’s in the form of touch screens, digital cameras, the use of apps or other interactive features.

It’s easy to see why parents love these toys too, as products such as the InnoTab 2 and the LeapPad 2 market themselves squarely at the 3 – 7 age group and claim to help with early literacy, numeracy and other developmental milestones. Whilst the games built into these top of the range kids tablets are sure to engage and impress, the £89.99 price tag may leave already financially squeezed parents feeling left out in the cold.

In a recent survey by Ribena Plus, parents claimed that their children were happiest when playing make believe games with more basic toys that do not require batteries. With many parents facing higher energy bills, higher food costs and increased interest on their mortgages, these high value Christmas toys need to be considered carefully before jumping into a purchase decision.

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