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I’ve got the most wonderful job in the world.  I’ve always loved my computer:  The crisp, clean white of a new Word document open on my screen;  the orderly words walking like ants across my monitor as I type in Calibri, my favorite font.  

There is such a freedom in writing – literally, anything can cross my desk in any given week.  A blog, a scholarly article or a funny piece:  all to be molded by me in something someone would want to read.

I recently started writing, editing and proofreading for You and Me – an exciting new company in the UK, determined to make their mark in educational software for children.

Yes, my job is to provide excellent educational content and to see that the articles, news, and reviews on the You and Me website is relevant and interesting.   It is a job and I am all set to do it.

What I did not expect, was the instant connection that I felt with the material.

What we do here is truly relevant to all parents and teachers.   As a parent myself, I find myself keyed up to read about what is going on in the educational sphere:  It is about our children, their world and all the things that can make it a better place.  Here are some of the things that animated me this week:

Teachers to motivate our children in the classroom setting

A teacher needs to know what works for each of the students in her class.   She needs to think out of the box in the amalgamation of new concepts and it needs to be fun!  A teacher can incorporate drama, art or watching a movie as part of her teaching strategy.  She needs to break up tasks in small bits to keep children interested.

It helps children if goals are set for each lecture and if they can relate the topic to their everyday lives. It spoke to me when I think that it cannot be easy. Teachers are people too.  They are someone’s daughter, someone’s wife or mother.  All the everyday things that you and I have to cope with also crosses their paths.

In addition, they have this extraordinary responsibility:   To motivate our children en to keep them interested – not once, but time after time.   I look with new respect at my children’s teachers.

Link to the actual article

Art matters

The value of art forms is again recognized in schools.  It is not yet implemented everywhere, but teachers and parents alike are slowly coming to the realization that non-academic strengths are also important and can make a difference in the lives of children.

Creative arts develop fine motor skills and focus; drama helps children with problem-solving, gives them confidence and better self-esteem.   Group involvement teaches accountability.  I have loved different art forms my whole life and find it sad sometimes that our children are not exposed to it on a daily level.  Hopefully, more will be done in 2018 in schools to rectify this.

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How to choose an educational software program for your child  

Unite, parents everywhere!    Let it be known – we are not satisfied anymore with second-rate software and everyone trying to make a buck in our age of technology.

It is really hard to choose appropriate software products for small children.   There are such a lot of programs to choose from and it is really important that the one you choose should have educational relevance:    it should have been developed according to the latest research and trends of what is really good for your child in the specific areas of literacy, creativity or math.

This article summarizes what to look for.   I know it is going to help me!

Link to actual article


And so a new week waits!    I can’t wait to share more with you and will be doing so again in the near future.

We, here at You and Me, would love to hear from you.   What did you think about our articles?  Your input is important to us – we would like to write about what you want to hear about.  Drop us a line.

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